In the world there are plenty of nice places where to live. During the nine past years which I have lived in Kirkkonummi it has been moulded my homeplace The beautiful surroundings, the swish of the wings of history, good friends and excellent traffic connections are some of the reasons why I like live here. I'm not claiming that there are not any better places in the world and probably there are according to someone's opinion, but at the moment I like to live here.

The reason why I started to do such a large study of Kirkkonummi is quite complex. One reason is that Kirkkonummi had no homepages in Internet by summer 1997. But the most important reason was that I myself started to become interested about the history of my homeplace. Besides I had little more for my hobbies in the summer and so I could do a little summary of all what I had found out from the books. That is the way how it came to be even if it took a little bit more time that I expected in the beginning.

If you find this page useful in your work, study, research or in some regards I will be happy. Your comments and upbuilding criticism is always welcome.