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Busy summer

September 22nd, 2009

Ok, this is going to be more like list of what-did-I-do-last-summer than deep analysis of why time-goes-so-fast-that-I-hardly-manage-to-know-which-month-it-is-now :)

  • June: Mostly work, sleep and frustration.
  • July: Rearranging furniture at home while waiting for the right weather: sunny, clear weather, to do some video shooting. That didn't happen too many times.
  • Week in the turn of the month: Thought process, try-and-learn some new stuff, great time with a friend, Assembly summer 2009.
  • August: Mental hangover in sunny but way too humid weather.

Now I'm back in work with new title: Project manager. Work is pretty much the same than before, but title suits better than IT-specialist. So what did I learn or achieve this summer other than an update to my work title? Two things.

The foremost thing is that it is more fun and more rewarding to do things together with someone consistently minded person than doing things alone. Yeah, I know, there is nothing new in this statement, but you can read more from Random stuff, because I share same opinion.

The other thing was BUGro, Short film for Assembly Short Film competition. It placed 4th in the compo. Read the BUGro making of part I, part II and part III from Random stuff.