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Model Expo and old videos

April 10th, 2009

Last Friday (April 3rd) I visited Model Expo at Helsinki Fair Centre. It was nice trip with my family. Lots of model trains, r/c cars, planes, boats and other stuff. I also met some people from Palikkatakomo (forum for Finnish Lego enthusiast) on their booth and talked with them.

Janne Kortelainen, who is a part of HOViNET team, told me that LeGorso and LeGorSIKA were the movies which encouraged him and his brothers to start making brickfilms. After HOViNET started to release their movies in the Internet, many others have followed them in Finland. And thanks for all this go to my friend Lauri Mäki, who asked me in the beginning of year 2000 to make LeGorso with him.

After Expo I thought again (I have thought this for years already), that maybe I should release hi-quality versions of our brickfilms. Although they are not the first Finnish Lego animations, they are probably one of the most well known (at least Finnish version of Wikipedia mentions LeGorso). So here they are:

Btw, LeGorso contains never before released remixed audio with proper sound effects. Enjoy!