Soon after the returning of the leased area of Porkkala, there began a tough period of growth in Kirkkonummi. Therefore, it may be said that the Kirkkonummi of our day is mostly a result of the development after 1956. In addition to the former inhabitants of Porkkala, many people moved to area from other parts of Finland. Many industrial companies like Suomen Kaapelitehdas, Suomen Sokeri and L.M. Ericsson realized their possibility to get new building land for their branches. From a swedish-speaking, agricultural municipality, there has grown a modern, industry and services-offering municipality of 32,000 residents, of which majority speaks finnish.

In addition to the large companies, a remarkable employer is the garrison of Porkkala in Upinniemi, where the Navy of the Gulf of Finland and the regiment of Suomenlinna's Coast Battalion of Porkkala are functioning as a part of the sea defence of Helsinki. Fire fighting education centre of Helsinki Sea Faring school and the Ministry of Defence's Building Bu-reau are also located in the garrison area. All recruits drafted to navy are stationed here.

Kirkkonummi is located along good traffic connections, and it's only 40 kilometers from Helsinki. Besides the Coast Railway and the main roads, the deep water harbour of Kantvik, dredged by the Russians, is also creating good connections. And it is only 30 minutes drive to Helsinki-Vantaa Air-port. It should be mentioned that the first electrified railway in Finland was opened to the trafic between Helsinki and Kirkkonummi in the year 1969. Since 1974 has the Radio Research Station of Metsähovi and it's observatory functioned in Kirkkonummi as a research location of University of Helsinki, Helsinki University of Technology and the Geodetic Institute.

Nature is an important part of Kirkkonummi. The peninsula of Porkkala is internationally renowned migratory route of birds, where hundreds of bird enthusiasts come every year to observe beautiful flocks of birds. 145 kilometers long coastline and 900 islands on its front form a most beautiful part of Kirkkonummi. It really is an area worth seeing!